Beyond the Summit
Feature film about a Paralympic champion
Genre: action, sports, romance
Running time: 106 minutes
The script of the film is based on an extraordinary story of courage of a real person.

The prototype of the main character was Alexei Moshkin-honored Master of Sports of Russia, twice champion of the Paralympic games: Lillehammer (Norway, 1994) and Nagano (Japan, 1998).

After amputation of both legs, no one believed that he would be able to walk again, but the 14-year-old not only got back on his feet, but also returned to the mountainside and became a champion.

Moshkin does not like the fashionable American term "disabled person". There are no restrictions in Alexey's lifenow. He teaches, drives, dances, boxing, swims, plays basketball, and never asks anybody for anything.

Alexey's beautiful daughter has become his main reward and incentive in his life.
Alexey Tsarev is a seventeen-year-old school leader and a promising champion of the Junior Alpine skiing team. Alexei has a girlfriend Lina and a friend Kostya, his rival in sports, and in love. Alexey is the first in everything, he is confident in himself, and he does not want to lose. However, everything changes in a flash after a tragic accident.

The film is not so much about the trials that each character had to undergo and experience, but about what helps a person to overcome the difficulties in life and about what everyone should have: friendship and love, hope, faith in themselves, the desire to live, fearlessness and strength of spirit.

Each of those qualities will lead the main characters to their personal victories.

Main cast
Aleksey Tsarev
Pavel Shevando
Actor of the Moscow Oleg Tabakov theater studio.
Alexander (father)
Vladimir Vdovichenkov
Russian film and theater actor. Honored artist of the Russian Federation (2012), who played a key role in the film Andrei Zvyagintsev "Leviathan" (award "Golden globe", nominated for "Oscar").
Natalya (mother)
Kseniya Kuznetsova
Russian theater and film actress.
Lina (girlfriend)
Natalya Kuzmina
Student of the Boris Schukin Theatre Institute.
Kostya (best friend)
Konstantin Beloshapka
Actor of the State Academic Vakhtangov Theatre.
Gennadiy (coach)
Sergey Nikonenko
Soviet and Russian film and theater actor, film Director. People's artist of Russia. During his career the actor has played in more than 210 films and television shows.
Production team
Tamara Tsotsoria
General producer
Konstantin Kutuev
Ruslan Vitryanyuk
Anatoliy Tsarik
Rauf Kubaev

Tamara Tsotsoria
Konstantin Kutuev

Based on the Tatiana Novikova's story.
Film crew
Yana Polyarush
Tamara Tsotsoria
Konstantin Kutuev
Ilya Ovsyonov
Director of photography
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